Heavy duty trucks, earthmoving equipment and indeed anything which uses a diesel engine requires regular maintenance if they are to stay operational. When looking for a Brisbane diesel mechanic it helps to research the company to be sure they can provide the exact services you are likely to need one day.

Diesel engines are a good deal more complex and sophisticated than regular gas driven engines. They require regular servicing by professionally trained diesel mechanics if any problems are to be avoided. When you need such servicing, you can rely on Mobile Truck Repairs Brisbane to do it correctly and quickly. We understand how important time is in the trucking industry. Every hour lost is money gone. As such we pride ourselves on providing 24-hour servicing 7 days a week. We provide emergency roadside assistance for the entire inner and outer Brisbane area with clients in Brendale, Ipswich, Rocklea and Murarrie. Whether it’s just one truck or a whole fleet we are there to help get you back on the road.

Our services

We provide the full range of services expected of a professional servicing company. With specialities in the following.

Diesel Mechanic

Our main service is to provide both roadside assistance and full inspection and repairs at our depot. Our highly-experienced diesel mechanics can come to you at home or work and aid you in just about mechanical problems you may have. Our speciality is in American and Japanese truck brands. For those jobs that require some extra work, we can transport your trucks to our facility for more in-depth repairs. Regular servicing will ensure your trucks remain operational and moving all through the night.

Earthmoving equipment repairs

We also provide services for heavy earthmoving vehicles and equipment. We can service and repair all the major brands along with truck and trailer repairs. You can save yourself a lot of money by arranging for scheduled maintenance of your heavy equipment. Avoid losing money from sudden breakdowns by having us take a regular look at your heavy vehicles and equipment.

Truck wheel alignment

If you want to keep your operational costs down then arrange to have us perform wheel axle alignment on your trucks. Fuel is one of the biggest expenses for transport companies and incorrectly aligned axles can cause excessive fuel consumption which can otherwise be avoided. Not only that, poor axle alignment will also shorten the lifespan of your tires, leading to more time lost changing tires and money purchasing new ones.

By arranging for periodic maintenance with us you will get a full servicing job that will ensure your vehicle’s stay in top shape wherever they are sent. For a Brisbane based diesel mechanic give us a call and let us help protect your investment.