If you run your own transport company then it’s almost certain that you will need the services of a diesel fitter in Brisbane. Mechanical problems with diesel engines are very common due to the nature of their operation. With proper maintenance by a trained diesel mechanic, engines will start running into problems that can otherwise be avoided. Mobile truck repairs have the tools and expertise to help you out when it happens to you.

Our mobile auto mechanics can provide very complex and thorough engine diagnostics and repairs. When vehicle engines run into problems most people assume the only available option is the regular auto mechanic shop. This can be a frustrating experience involving scheduling, delays and a lot of waiting. Nowadays though there is another option in Brisbane.

Mobile auto mechanics can be called in whenever you need them, whether you’ve become stranded on the side of the road or you need a full range of maintenance at your depot. We have the mechanical training, portable tools and mobile diagnostic equipment to handle most repairs on-site. The most common sort of repairs a diesel fitter can provide include but are not restricted to:

  •      Suspension repairs
  •      Air-conditioning repairs
  •      Diesel engine repairs
  •      Cylinder head repairs
  •      Timing belt repairs
  •      Radiator repairs
  •      Cooling system repairs

Carburettors, water pumps, valves, alternators, pistons, whatever the problem is our mobile mechanics can handle it. We believe preventive maintenance is the key. By scheduling regular maintenance checks we can keep your trucking fleet rolling constantly. And if a sudden breakdown should ever occur our team is on hand 24-7 to get your vehicle back on the road again.

Of course, there will be situations which will require more extensive repairs. In that case, we can have your vehicle transported to our depot for full servicing. Once finished we will transport it back to you as part of our servicing. We understand that time is money in this business so we want to help make your job a bit easier by having a few fewer things to worry about.

Diesel engines are also extensively used by heavy earthmovers. For those in the construction business, it can be very comforting to know if a breakdown occurs on site a mobile auto mechanic can be quickly dispatched to fix the problem. This saves you time and money allowing you to get on with your job by letting us do ours.