At Mobile Truck Repairs Brisbane, we specialise in getting trucks back on the road whenever they run into problems. When seeking a diesel mechanic in Brisbane we provide 24-hour service, seven days a week. If you need any servicing for your fleet we are there to help.

Heavy road vehicles require regular servicing if they are to stay in top shape. Our highly trained and experienced staff are on-hand to provide roadside assistance and servicing at our repair shop. Heavy road vehicles may look very solid but their inner workings can be very complicated requiring specialised knowledge of diesel engines if they are to be repaired correctly. If you own a fleet of trucks near Brisbane then they will require periodic servicing. We ensure our staff are highly experienced and provided with the latest tools and equipment. You can be certain that after we’re done with them your vehicles will roll out smoothly and ready for any job ahead.

Our diesel mechanic team specialises in American and Japanese truck models. Our emphasis is on preventative maintenance to cut down on breakdowns and mechanical failures. Time still means money in the trucking business so we understand the importance of keeping your trucks well maintained and moving all night long. Our clients come from all around the inner and outer Brisbane area.

Earthmoving Repairs

We don’t just provide service for road trucks. We also provide full assistance for any heavy earthmoving vehicles and equipment. Whether it’s a loader, bulldozer or excavator we provide 24-hour servicing for all the major brands. When these heavy machines breakdown in the middle of a job it means money lost every hour they’re out of commission. We’ve got the tools and knowledge to come out on site and provide repairs. You can avoid unexpected breakdowns by scheduling a regular maintenance plan with us for your earthmoving equipment.

Truck wheel alignment services

You can reduce the running costs of your trucks by scheduling regular wheel alignment. Incorrectly aligned axles can lead to significantly higher fuel consumption. Badly aligned wheels will also cause more strain on your tires and shorten their lifespan. Wheel alignment only takes a few hours and can save you significant downtime which your truck would otherwise need.

So, whenever you need a qualified diesel mechanic in Brisbane just give us a call and arrange for an assessment or direct repairs should you run into some trouble. Whether you need servicing on just one truck or a whole fleet you can count on us to get the job done.