When choosing among diesel mechanics in your area it’s good to do some proper research to be sure they can provide the services you will need. For a diesel mechanic in Brisbane Southside look no further then Mobile Truck Repairs Brisbane.

We pride ourselves on our professionalism and customer service. No matter what the problem might be we are there to help 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. We specialise in providing mechanical support for American and Japanese truck brands. Our working philosophy is one of preventive maintenance. By providing regular maintenance check-ups we assess the state of each vehicle and work to ensure it stays roadworthy. We know just how important time is in the transportation business and a truck that’s not moving is not making money. Whenever you need us for roadside assistance we are there to help.

A monthly maintenance check is recommended for all the heavy vehicles in every transport and construction company. Without regular maintenance checks, vehicles will inevitably run into problems, most of which are perfectly avoidable when treated effectively. Downtime costs can often break a business when allowed to run out of control. Some business try to avoid the costs of regular maintenance by seeking cheaper options. This can end up costing a company far more in the long run. If you wish, as a business, to be taken seriously by both your customers and competitors then show that you’re willing to maintain your fleet in the best possible condition.

The services we provide

Roadside assistance and repairs

No matter where you’re stranded in the Brisbane area, our professional staff are on hand at any time of the day or night to help get you back on the road. When you call, you will be connected directly with our on-call mechanic who will be able to understand what you need and exactly what the problem is. If you need emergency roadside assistance we can be there in no time to help fix the problem on-site. If the problem can’t be fixed on-site then not to worry, we have the equipment to get the truck to our depot for more extensive repairs

Along with providing standard repairs, we can also provide wheel alignment services. Failure to have the wheels on your truck properly aligned can result in higher fuel consumption and a reduced lifespan for your tires. This is a job that only takes a few hours and can be included with general maintenance repairs during each scheduled check-up.

Full earthmoving equipment repairs

Of course, heavy freight trucks are not the only vehicles to use large diesel engines. Any company that uses earthmoving machines will have need of regular servicing as well. Diggers, loaders rollers and other heavy construction/demolition vehicles must have regular servicing to stay operational. Stay ahead of the competitors by maintaining your machines and keeping them operational all year round.

Diesel mechanics in Brisbane Southside are readily available for when you need them. We aim to be the best so let us prove it to you.