Anyone who works in the trucking industry knows that even with the all the right care breakdowns do occur. When that happens, it could mean delaying a delivery and jeopardising a whole operation. For a diesel mobile mechanic in Brisbane, you can turn to us when you need help fast. Mobile Truck Repairs Brisbane have a team of highly qualified mechanics and the latest equipment to fix most problems on-site. Our emergency roadside assistance runs all day and night seven days a week. one phone call to us and we’ll dispatch one of our trained mechanics straight to your location.

Why you should hire us

Our team of mechanics have gone through extensive training and know every facet of diesel engines. They understand how different these operate from petrol engines and that without knowing how they work they can quickly breakdown. We keep our facility updated with the latest equipment to make sure we stay ahead of the competition. Our portable tools and diagnostic equipment allow our mechanics to assess each breakdown on site and then fix it. Should it turn out repairs cannot be completed on-site we have the means to transport the truck to our facility for more extensive repairs. This means that once you call us the problem is completely out of your hands. We’ll take it from there and do all in our power to get your truck moving again both promptly and professionally.

Services we provide

  •      Emergency roadside assistance – no matter where or when your truck breaks down in the Brisbane area one call to us and we’ll take it from there. Immediately one of our trained mechanics will be dispatching with the tools to get you on the road again as quickly as possible
  •      Scheduled maintenance checks – you can avoid sudden breakdowns by scheduling for us to do monthly maintenance checks of your fleet. We believe preventive maintenance is the best maintenance. By having us perform regular checks we can keep your trucks in top condition and rolling all year round.
  •      Earthmover services – we also provide full assistance and maintenance for earthmover vehicles. When these machines suffer a breakdown, it can cost you a lot in time and money. Let us help get them moving again and working perfectly like they should. We service all the major earthmover brands and vehicle types.

When you need a diesel mobile mechanic in the Brisbane area we are the ones to call we pride ourselves on our speed and professionalism, no matter the issue we’ve got it handled. When you suffer a breakdown, we’ll be there. When you need a maintenance check, we’ll be there. When you need help with kind of diesel engine, we’ll be there.