mobile truck repairs bannockburnYou never know when you will need a mobile truck repair especially if you are always on the road doing your deliveries or just doing your everyday business. Heavy trucks are sometimes unpredictable that you may need repairs all of a sudden. Before that happens, make sure you know a reliable truck mechanic that can come to you when you need help.

But what do you do when your truck breaks down all of a sudden?

Don’t panic and stay with your vehicle. Use your mobile phone, tablet or laptop to find the nearest mobile mechanic near you. But you also have to be careful with this kind of service since in some cases, you are at their mercy and they may charge you hefty money if you are also not familiar with the pricing.

How much should you expect to pay in case of an emergency?

Unlike if you bring your truck to a mechanic, the charge when they come to you in case of an emergency may be slightly different. It is good to know that prices in Australia are not that high when it comes to mobile service repair as they can charge around $80 to $100 an hour for heavy-duty vehicles. Prices may also vary depending on your truck’s needs. If your truck needs fuel delivery, they may ask around $80 for that, the same if you need a jumpstart and tire change.

It is good to be familiar with the prices when it comes to mobile truck repair although a lot of reputable servicing companies will always give you a fair price and quality service when it comes to your vehicle.