mobile truck repairs brendaleYou have to make sure your RV is protected when it’s going to sit through a cold winter. Winterize your RV to protect it from extreme cold weather and have it ready for use in the next season.

Safely drain the tanks and water heater. Remove all the water stored in your tanks and water heater. The water will freeze and expand when the temperature drops. Frozen water on tanks and water heater can cause cracks, leaks and water damage. The damage will require a professional RV repair to fix it.

Drain remaining water. Make sure to clear the residual water left inside the pipes. Turn on both the hot and cold water faucets, shower faucets and the toilet valve in every room in your RV. Use a water pump to remove some water leftover in your pipes even after the water is no longer coming out of your faucets. Don’t forget to shut off all the faucets and check any drain plugs you removed are returned.

Bypass the water heater. See if your RV already has a water heater bypass kit. If so, just follow the given instructions to use it. Purchase a bypass kit if your RV doesn’t have it and follow the manual to install it.

Add non-toxic antifreeze. After bypassing your water heater, the final step to winterizing your RV is to add non-toxic antifreeze. This allows the antifreeze to flow into the pipes.

RVs break down just like any other vehicle, so if it needs repairs or maintenance, use mobile truck repairs Brendale.