mobile truck repairs joynerTrucks are more likely to break down and encounter maintenance problems during the cold months. To keep them in good condition during the winter weather and protect your business, you’ll need to know how to take care of trucks in the winter. Mobile truck repairs Joyner can help you properly prepare for the winter months.

Winter can bring some problems you probably haven’t even thought about. Here are the usual truck problems you need to prepare for this season.

BATTERY PROBLEM. Extreme cold temperature can affect the battery of your truck. This could seriously reduce your productivity and safety. Make battery fluid check a part of your routine truck maintenance during the winter season. Make sure to top it up or replace as needed. Consider getting your truck battery professionally tested.

ENGINE PROBLEM. The cold weather can quickly cause the truck engine to deteriorate, raising the chances of breakdown or experiencing an accident. Because of extreme cold temperature, motor oil can freeze, so make sure to check your oil regularly and use the best motor oil for winter. For example, motor oils with 10W-30, 5W30, or 5W20 (“W” stands for winter and the oil’s cold weather rating) are the type of oils that are specially designed for winter use.

HEATING SYSTEM PROBLEM. The heating system must work during the cold months. Regularly test your block heater to ensure it’s running smoothly. A heating failure could be perilous in certain situations. Do not ignore any heating problems with your truck. When you notice any problem with the heating system, immediately send it in for maintenance.