There’s little worse than suffering a breakdown mid-delivery. For both the driver and his company this can spell disaster if there’s no help for miles. When this happens, you’ll need the help of a truck repair service in Brisbane. Luckily there is a company there to help get you moving again when the unexpected happened. We’re also ready to take on some bigger job like engine rebuilds, gearbox rebuilds and brake relining.

Mobile Truck Repair Brisbane is one of the leading mobile repair companies in the Brisbane area. Unlike a regular mechanic companies, we provide full roadside assistance that comes directly to you. We provide 24-hour assistance available seven days a week. No matter where you are, what the weather is like or the time of night, we’ll be there to help you.

Services we provide

  •      Emergency roadside assistance – Breakdowns rarely, if ever, occur at convenient times or places. Having a truck stranded on a deserted stretch of road can pose big problems but not if you call us for assistance. Within moments of placing a call one of our vehicles will be sent out with a trained mechanic to get that truck back on the road again. Our personnel are all highly qualified and equipped with the latest tool to fix most roadside problems on-site. and even if it happens that repairs can’t be finished on-site we’ll have your truck towing to our facility where it can get a full repair by our whole team. The repaired truck is then transported back to you all as part of the service.
  •      Scheduled maintenance checks – you can avoid unexpected breakdowns by keeping your trucks well maintained with regular servicing. We believe that preventive maintenance is the best maintenance. Call us about scheduling regular maintenance and our team will do a full check-up on each vehicle each month to make sure it stays in working condition. As part of this service, you’ll also receive wheel axle realignment. Without proper realignment, tires will wear out faster and your truck consumes more gas per mile.
  •      Earthmover servicing – do you employ any heavy earthmoving vehicles. We can also provide full breakdown repair and maintenance for these big machines. We service all the major brands that construction companies use. An earthmover that’s not moving is not making money so call us when yours are in need of some repairs.

We aim to provide the best and fastest service possible. With highly professional staff and a dedicated mindset, we aim to be the best truck repair service in Brisbane. Call us now for a free no-obligation quote and learn about our full range of services and expertise.